Jesus During the Detour

January 12, 2016                        

On Tuesdays down at the lodge situated on beautiful Lake Gregory, a delicious luncheon is served to senior citizens at low or no cost. We lived here in Crestline for years before we decided to go one day. Now we go frequently, and over the years have made many new friends. One of them is Pat–well her name is really not Pat, but that is what I’ll call her today, for if she should ever read here, I would not want to embarrass her.

Pat is charming, dresses in a cute, young, tasteful way, and nearly always wears a hat. She has dozens of them–even a special room in her home where she houses them. Today was no exception; she was dressed in black with touches of white, a fine black blazer, black slacks and a charming hat. It was our first trip there since my mastectomy, and when we walked in the door, Pat jumped up, greeted us profusely, and hugged us tightly.

At the conclusion of lunch as Jerry and I were walking toward the exit door, Pat approached us, smiling broadly and speaking sweet, confirming words. “I’ve been praying for you.” She looked directly into my eyes, then continued. “I don’t pray much . . .sad to say, but lately I have been praying for you a lot.”

I was deeply touched, and during the few hours since that encounter have thought much about that scenario, and have been reminded of a truth I know well. Secular people as well as others, watch us Christians. They scrutinize us, perhaps unconsciously (or even consciously) analyze our actions, our motives, our responses to situations. Paul noted this truth as he spoke to the saints in Corinth–chapter 3, verse 2 of I Corinthians.

Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men.

I’m glad I was reminded today that people are reading me, analyzing my responses, and that because I proclaim my Christianity, my reactions reflect directly on Jesus Christ. I refuse to let this detour deflect my life focus from being stayed on Him, my Savior, my Redeemer. And if you think about it during the next few days, pray a little bit for Pat. She is dear and precious. I would love to lead her to know Jesus.




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