Notice of Mammogram Abnormality

January 12, 2016


When I received this letter, I didn’t think too much about it, and I wasn’t worried. I had follow-up tests which included another mammogram, and during that same visit, an ultrasound test.

I was prepped, placed on a table with screens so close I could actually see what was going on while a nurse/technician moved a wand across my right breast area. Wavy images pranced across the screen, then finally she laid down the wand and told me she was going to bring in a doctor. He was young, very nice, and introduced himself as Dr. Ho.

He replicated the nurse/technician’s maneuvers, spending some time studying the images on the screen. Finally he finished, pushed back his chair, and looked intently at me. “There are three places here that are irregular. We don’t know what they are. Only a biopsy can tell us.” He explained the different modes of biopsy. One was an in-office needle-biopsy.

“Can we do that now?” I asked.

“Yes, we can. Let us get the paperwork prepared, and we will begin.”

I signed permission for the procedure, and the team began the process. The doctor numbed my breast, and when he inserted the needle, I could see it on the screen, and saw that occasionally the nurse/tech clicked on certain images.

“That one is pushing back,” Dr. Ho said at one point. And I could see the place where the needle was, and indeed something seemed to be resistant to his instruments.

Once I heard the nurse/technician say softly to Dr. Ho, ” I believe that is an infiltration.”




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