Winston Comforts Jerry

I was sitting on a love seat in our living room a few days after we had learned I had cancer and was now facing surgery and other treatments, when Jerry came over, knelt down in front of me and began praying and crying. In a few minutes Winston came running, jumped onto the seat, and began licking Jerry’s hands. He pressed until he had joined our circle, snuggled in between us, and would not leave. We looked at the little black and white fella, whom we love dearly, and who obviously was troubled by Jerry’s tears . . .began to laugh a little, and I must tell you our prayer time came to a halt. I reached for my camera.

Winston and Jerry prayingI’ve often heard that dogs are sensitive animals, and somehow connect with their humans and the grief they may be enduring. It was the case that night in our home in Crestline as Winston tried with all his little doggie heart to comfort his master.



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