Wonderful Confusion

“Life is so wonderfully confusing at times.”                      Andrew Buxton

After a follow-up visit yesterday with my surgeon, Dr. Victor, I sent messages to my children telling them about the great report Dr. Victor gave, in which he said, “You’re doing remarkably well.”

At times special moments reveal themselves in our lives, and though they will not be announced by the streak of a fallen star across an inky sky, nor by the call of clashing thunder, the impact on one’s life may be profound, and we are well-advised to so note these times. Such was the case yesterday in Dr. Victor’s office.

Dr. Victor’s nurse, Marge, made four of us in the room. We chatted, Jerry and I telling a little of our history and Dr. Victor talking about his two children, how “easy” they are, and how much he enjoys them. The subject segued until Jerry was talking about God and how good He has been to our family. Marge was crying, so I went over and hugged her. “Don’t cry,” I said.

“Joy,” she said. “Tears of joy.”

Dr. Victor’s eyes were riveted on Jerry, who finally said, “May I pray for you, Dr.?” Dr. Victor nodded and bowed his head.

“Thank you for this,” Dr. Victor said as he shook Jerry’s hand as we prepared to leave the room. “This has been very special.”

How arise such moments? How are we blessed with such magnificent interaction with beautiful people, of whose existence a few short weeks ago we had no cognizance? Surely  it is a majestic thing when four beings are granted such an instant.

Not only was this time special to Dr. Victor, but I assure you, to Jerry and me also. I relayed the account to my children. Nestled in his response, Andrew, my youngest child, said, “Life is so wonderfully confusing at times.”

And so it is. Recall that this magnificent slice of life came about because I have been diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma. . . .

. . .wonderfully confusing.




6 thoughts on “Wonderful Confusion

  1. It’s so like God to put a wonderful twist on our twisted confusion. I’m grateful for your experience with the doctor and his nurse. Throughout this trial, both you and Brother Buxton will shine for Him. Thank you for sharing your detour story. I love you dearly. Praying for you daily!


  2. Thanks for popping into my blog…just now. Something (Someone?) sent me scurrying here to see who you are….and I find this…..my instant response….as with my reply to your comment…..HUGS! Be thinking of you all….even though we have just met…..Hope it is all right for me to ‘Follow’. Take Care! Hugs!


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