Surgery Ends

The surgery to perform my mastectomy went well with no complications. Dr. Victor met with my family and told them he found much what he expected. He had removed nine lymph nodes, which along with my breast material would be sent out for analysis.Dr. Victor, Jerry, Steve, AndrewAlong with my two sons you see here, Andrew and Steve, Rebecca, the wives of my boys, Pastor Larry Booker, and my sweet friend Donna Claborn had waited with my husband during this time. Michael and his wife who live in Lake Havasu would arrive early the next morning. Of what inestimable value are family and friends during such times

Brother Booker

One little problem presented itself, I am told; I didn’t want to wake up. My family went in and out of the recovery room where it should have been an hour or less before I awoke, but where it was more than four hours before I opened my eyes. I have little memory of the rest of the evening.

When I did awaken in my room, I was surprised to find that I had no pain. None. Nurses kept asking about it, offering medication, but I didn’t really need any. In a later post, I will talk more about Kaiser Permanente hospital in Fontana, but let me say right here, my care during the couple of days I was there was excellent. I have not one complaint.

Nurse and I in hall (1).jpg



5 thoughts on “Surgery Ends

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  2. Dear Sister Buxton, thanks again for allowing us a glimpse into this detour in your life. You are truly amazing and a real inspiration to so many people!! I love you dearly, and my prayers for you and Brother Buxton continue.


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