Christmas and the Detour

After two nights in the hospital, being wonderfully attended, I was released. Our daughter, Rebecca, was with her dad to pick me up, and it developed that she stayed in our home for 12 days caring for me as though I were a child, tending my two drains, catering also to her dad, cooking meals, and helping out in many other ways. Michael and Melina who live in Lake Havasu stayed also for a couple of days, cooked, cleaned and stocked up our kitchen with delicious treats and delicacies. I’m not quite sure how I have been so blessed with these four exceptional children, but indeed that is the case.

On the fifth or sixth day after my surgery, after having taken nothing for pain, not even an aspirin, I awoke to severe pain in my right arm. It was so excruciating that if no medicine had been available, I would have gone to the emergency room. A colleague of Dr. Victor had released me and at that time had written a prescription for pain and nausea medication, which we had filled while at the hospital. From that bottle, I drew one pill which did little for the pain, merely made me very sleepy, but the second one four hours later significantly reduced my agony. This pain continued for several day–think it was nerve pain–and the medicine continued to make me sleepy.

Which leads me to consider a couple of vital organs. . .

Since my two kidneys and my one liver came right along with me that day when I was born, they are now of the advanced age of 77 years and a few months. A bit elderly, one might correctly assume, and I’m beginning to think they may be a tad lax in their “doings,” for I understand they are supposed to help out with clearing my body of such things as anesthetics. Hate to fink on them, but those days after my surgery, I believe they slightly fell down on their jobs. Took a little long for me to wake up, and for days, and certainly after I started taking the pain medication, I felt slightly “out of it.” Woozy.

Christmas was a few days away and I wanted everyone here. They were reluctant, especially Andrew who has five children, but I was adamant that it would not be too much, and anyway they had already planned Christmas dinner, so my plan was to lie on the couch, and if I needed to bark an order or two, I would be available. They all came, and it was glorious, though much of it is foggy in my mind, and a couple of pictures I have (which I will not post) show me in what appears to be a totally drunken state!

Over the 25th and the 26th, 24 of my family came, kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, eating, opening presents, yelping, cooking, clanging pots and pans, youngsters running about, some clunking on the piano upstairs . . .and to me, it was perfect. They all brought their dogs, so counting our Winston, we had a total of six dogs bounding about in the mix. Mike cooked a fine 15 pound Prime Rib Roast on Jerry’s back deck smoker, Andrew brewed a huge pot of chicken and shrimp gumbo, Shawnna baked crab legs, Steve brought a Honey-Baked ham . . . pies, candy . . .dips . . .veggies . . .breads . . .

Next Christmas I’ll be well, so I won’t be lolling about on the couch. Sure was nice, though, to hear all that activity in the kitchen, all those people cooking and cleaning . . .and I doing nothing. Hmm…Perhaps, just maybe, next year I’ll have a bit of a tummy ache or a tiny headache . . .






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