The Enemy

This morning I was wallowing in my chemo misery, when I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!” Immediately my mind jolted to a wonderful, invigorating, uplifting thought: I don’t have an enemy. Not one.

How blessed. How very blessed I am.


18 thoughts on “The Enemy

  1. I said the same thing, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!” Yet so many people I know have had to go through this very thing. The good news is you will get through this and one day it will be a distant memory. A really awful ugly memory. (Smile)

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  2. HOW I wish I could take your “Chemo Misery” away!! I would even choose to be nauseated for you, if it meant you didn’t have to be. I’m SO sorry you have to wallow in this. Praying diligently that it’s over SOON. Lots of XOXOXO.

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    1. Holly, you are an incredible friend. If I could give you one part of the misery, I would choose the fatigue. That way you could put on your jammies, check out with the family, and spend the day in bed!


  3. Such a beautiful and Godly lady you are!!! You show strength and faith in your words. I love your last remark –
    “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! Wait, I don’t have any enemy’s”.

    You live by example – even in your darkest valley. Sis. Myers too sends her love and prayers to you. We love you and will continue to pray Gods healing for you.


    1. Hey, Anonymous. Could you sneak in your name? My love and blessings to you, yours, and to Sister Myers. Hope you’ll sign up to follow, and to spread the word to others. So many walk in such dark places. Let us be light to each other.


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