Sweetness Within the Detour

Well before I was aware of myself as a singular being, I was immersed into what is referred to as the Christian tradition. Peering through my baby eyes into the faces of my mom and dad who bent lovingly over me, I was ignorant of the favored circumstances into which I had been born. It has been said that within every human culture is the innate desire to worship something. Whether it be to a god of millions, a chiseled stone, or an animal of the field, we intrinsically thrust our arms upward, lift our eyes to the heavens in response to this need we have to worship.

Christians worship Jesus Christ, the God-Man, the incarnate One, who, having assumed a human form when He was born in Bethlehem of Judea, lived on the earth for a short period of time, then was crucified, but rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. His shed blood is the source of our redemption. A glorious facet of Christianity is that we experience a personal relationship with Jesus, and are of the keen thought that He hears us when we pray, and that He is distinctly aware of us, and of our situations.

Imagine my delight then as I walk this rugged detour to have one of my four children, my son Andrew, call me today, and after regaling me with encouraging words, say, “Mom, I want to pray with you. Right now.” And so he did. This child, born favored and unknowing as was I, in a simple, informal way, spoke with Jesus, and asked Him to touch his mother. I wept, and added my supplications.

Such are the smooth stones intermingled with that of the rough and sharp of my ugly detour. Such are the tiny flowers scattered about the trail as I go. Such is the sweet incense I press beneath my feet as I press forward.



9 thoughts on “Sweetness Within the Detour

  1. Once again, you have written beautifully about this sad detour in your life. I’m so glad for the relationship you have with the Lord, and your children. How precious that Andrew would call and pray for you as you have done for him in the past. God bless you with renewed health. You are in my daily prayers. I hope you have received he package I sent recently.

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  2. Charlotte, I am embarrassed that I did not let you know before that I had received the beautiful gift you sent. My husband picked up the box at the post office, and helped me open it. When that fluffy pink throw came out of the box, I was so thrilled. It is so very soft, and my go-to blanket when I sit in a chair between the kitchen and the dining room. I will be taking a picture of it and posting it here. You are beyond thoughtful and kind. Thank you so much.


    1. Oh I’m so glad you got it. I’d been tracking it but never read that the package had been picked up. So happy that you liked it!! Love you!


  3. You make me long so much to cultivate more of a sweet spirit of gratefulness. To see the beauty in the midst of your detour is such a lovely gift to yourself and the world.
    I pray for a quick regaining of health. You are a a very special gift to all who read your writings or have had the privilege to know you.


    1. Dear Katrina, it is obvious you have a sweet and pliable spirit, and I am convinced—although I do not know you well enough to know of them—that you have stepped off a detour or two. Such is life. Normal. Fair? Maybe. Maybe not. I appreciate your compliments. Hope you’ll sign up to follow, and to spread the word to others. So many walk in such dark places. Let us be light to each other.


  4. So beautifull expressed! God is so gracious to allow sweetness along the way. Love you, and will continue to pray for healing and recovery..


  5. Had no idea of this “detour” until tonight. What can we say? What can we do? The only thing we, as Christians, know to do….we exercise the beautiful privilege of prayer and we look to His Word! His Word holds promise & hope. One of my favorites….”AND WE KNOW all things work together for good….” Rom. 8:28 Those first 3 words speak faith beyond measure. Faith for a miracle? Yes….or faith to walk with me thru the “detour.”
    A “detour?” I understand your use of the word, but I believe this is His path for you. Your footsteps are ordered of the Lord….AND WE KNOW….!!!!


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