Comes The Resurrection

For the past three or four days, I have felt wonderful! Almost normal! Close to perfect! How great is that!

And what a weekend to so feel. Jerry and I decided on a little trip down to San Diego, my first “road-trip” since I began my chemo treatments. Friday evening,  with our son Andrew and his family, we attended a “Good Friday” concert at The Anchor Church in San Diego where Pastor Jim Larson was part of The Aqua Quartet that belted out stunning music. Karen Harding joined with her singing as only she can. Following the beautiful message by Brother Tim Spell, communion was offered to the congregation. An extraordinary service.

Easter flowers copy

Ran around with Andrew and his clan on Saturday, eating at a Burger Lounge in La Jolla–if you see one–stop in. Incredible food. Drove along the ocean, watched the seals, and raved at the splendid views and the glorious air. Spent the rest of the day with Steve and Dearrah, who took us to dinner in Chula Vista for most phenomenal Asian food. My strength held–I felt wonderful all day.

Easter flowers-2

. . .and now has dawned Easter, the Sunday of resurrection. In all my 77 years, never has this day of celebration personally been more significant.Death did not hold our Savior . . .nor shall it hold us! Be blessed today and always.

Easter flowers



23 thoughts on “Comes The Resurrection

  1. I am so glad you were able to be out and about. It was much needed. Blessings to you and yours on this beautiful Easter morning. HE IS ALIVE~


  2. This made me so happy to know how good you are feeling. . I know God is a healer and he is being right there with you cause of all the prayers for you . Love you .


  3. That was a typical upbeat blog by the awesome woman who has such a way with words. So excited about your strength – rejoicing with you! Love you special lady!!


  4. Hi Shirley, it has been several years since we crossed each others paths via our blogs, and a “snow photo”, so, it was a pleasant surprise to see that you’re still actively blogging. I’m sorry to read that you’re facing a health battle, but wish you all the very best, and hope that all your days are good ones like yesterday, and that your return to health is near.
    All the very best to you.


  5. Oh Aunt Shirley, So glad you’re feeling better. We had an awesome Easter service. Pastor Fraizer preached, “The Two Sides of Calvary.” So thankful for the cross. Love you.


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