Last Chemo Day!

When Dr. Chan walked into the room where Jerry and I sat last Monday he said, “Congratulations!” Time for my last chemo treatment! He discussed my lab work, noting that everything was perfect, did a cursory check of my heart and lungs, and cleared me for my final treatment that was waiting just down the hall.

“We’ve had a few bumps in the road,” Dr. Chan recalled, “but we worked through them. You’re doing great.”

Shirley last chemo

Holly last chemo.jpg

What an exceptional, dear friend is Holly. She calls, visits, brings flowers and other gifts–even once sent a cleaning crew to our home. She joined us in the waiting room, bearing gifts which she revealed once I was settled in my final chemo chair. She set a tiara on my head. In my hand she placed a significant, wonderful placard festooned with curly, streaming ribbons. Other patients smiled; a couple of them spoke congratulatory words to me.

Jerry Last Chemo day

My dear honey. Faithful, giving, and loving. How much harder this detour would be without his support and caring ways.

Three last chemo

Although an innumerable group has supported me through these weeks with prayers, gifts, visits, food, phone calls, cards, flowers, monetary gifts, and internet communication, it is these three whose faces I have seen at my chemo sessions. My only daughter, Rebecca, has spent weeks at our home, she calls every day, brings food, cooks meals, and attended every chemo session.

Nurses last chemo

Two of the four nurses who tended me during my sessions are pictured here. They helped me through some extremely tense, potentially dangerous, moments. Wonderful, dedicated people. During my hours at that last session, suddenly one of the nurses said, “Let’s do the final chemo dance,” and both of them circled about our area for a few minutes of celebration dance. Holly was quick enough to get a short video of it, but I can’t seem to load it here.                                     .Last chemo jerry, shirley, bekRebecca brought balloons to the party!

Jerry Last Chemo dayWe celebrated  with a meal at Cocos in Rialto. Believe it or not, I wore my tiara  and carried in my balloons and chemo sign. We clapped and laughed and planned more celebrations.

(Because I promised honesty paragraph: We had said our good-byes, each of us had taken to our cars, and as Jerry and I drove off the restaurant parking lot, I became violently ill. Had to circle back, park again at Cocos while I rushed to the bathroom. At home, I collapsed onto the couch.)

But here I am seven days later, though very weak, feeling much better. The tiara is on our dresser in my bedroom. Occasionally, I run my hand over its sparkly surface.






17 thoughts on “Last Chemo Day!

  1. Love you. I was thinking of you today when I was out pulling some weeds in the poppy garden, and prayed for you then also.


  2. Neat pictures! May Jesus continue to give you strength! Can’t wait to hear the “cancer free” report! Love you!


  3. Oh Aunt Shirley, Faithful Servant of God, how glorious, graceful and with such God given strength you have walked this journey in such an inspiring way!
    I’m so glad you have reached the end of chemo and can’t wait for your cancer free report!!!
    I love you!!


  4. Praise God !!!! Sis Buxton, it was so good to see you at church Easter Sunday. I’ve been praying for you and think about you often, each time a prayer goes up. Hope to see you again soon at Hilltop. Love you and your wonderful family. Cindy Gray

    ( can’t wait for cancer free post, and exciting updates)☺️


  5. Shirley… there is ‘life before Cancer’ and ‘life after Cancer’.. I know this.. just rest and wait for your strength to return.. it will in time. fighting the weakness just takes what little energy you have. go with it.. rest, relax and let your body heal. AMEN..


  6. We have an awesome might healer, so thankful your doing so well. I will continue to lift you in my prayers. God bless you Sis Buxton.


  7. Loved your celebration and the love and support you have had from your friends, family, and hospital staff. God has a unique way of making the hardest times easier . Still praying and believing for complete healing and getting stronger! Love you Sis. Buxton,
    Bonny Smelser


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