Growing Stronger

Great news! I’m continuing to improve. Definitely growing stronger!

The remaining chemo in my body has flung me one last (hopefully) side effect, causing  a little infection, for which I am now taking antibiotics. Other than that, I’m soaring into health.

First walk

Last evening and this morning I engaged in something I have not done in months; went with Jerry to walk Winston. It’s a bit rainy, but none was falling this morning as I joined my two “men.” We didn’t walk all the way to the woods, but more than half way. It was glorious.

First walk-2                                              I  took my camera with me and as Jerry and Winston walked ahead, I paused to photograph these leaves with glittering water drops.

Winston noticed I was behind, and refused to walk again until I caught up with them. Love that little dog. Love life. Love you, my friends.


15 thoughts on “Growing Stronger

  1. Dearest Sis. Buxton,
    So happy and thankful you are feeling better.
    What a mighty God we serve!
    Love you,
    Bonny Smelser


  2. Also thankful for your little Winston that wouldn’t walk on without you. Our animals often express unconditional love to us, and give us just a tiny window into the love of our heavenly, abundant Father.


  3. Dear. Aunt. Shirley. Its. So. Good. To. Hear. The. Good. News. What. God. Has. Done..for. . You. He.s. Still. Preforming. Miracle. Love. You. So. Much. Your. Nice. Cheryl


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