Role Reversal


……..well except I was sorry Jerry was sick, but the glorious part was that I was now the caretaker and someone else was the patient! Within the past couple of weeks I have completely regained my strength . . .now feeling wonderful. So when Jerry came down with chills, fever, and a general achy-ness, we knew from his history, he was in for a bout of cellulitis. Cellulitis can be a very mild condition; Jerry’s cases are serious, even to the point that at times he has been hospitalized with such a flare-up. (He’s been troubled with this condition off-and-on for 40 years, always in his legs.) Fortunately, his cellulitis responds quickly to antibiotics. So off we went, I the driver, down to Kaiser in Fontana. He’s well now. We’re both well! Glorious!


Thanks again for all the love, prayers, and concern.



7 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. Good Morning Mrs B. I’ve been following along thanks to Mike giving me your blog info. Very glad you’re on the up and up (Jerry also) What trials you two have seen and always kept a positive attitude. Such an inspiration. Hugs to both of you. Barb (Wishy Wash in Havasu)


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