Two Bald Heads

When I first knew I had cancer, and that the chemo I would take would most likely cause me to lose my hair, one of my lighter moment thoughts was that I would have my picture taken with Steve. He’s my eldest and as you can see, quite scarce of hair.

On Thursday he came to spend some time with us, and before he left, we put our heads together, and Jerry snapped this photograph.

Bald--Steve and Mom (1)

Two weeks to the day after my first chemo treatment, I lost most of my hair, but not all of it. Every day more of it comes out, but only in small amounts. I’m thinking I may not go completely bald, as does happen with some people who take chemo, but the small amount I have left leaves me less than presentable, so I have accumulated three wigs, and quite an assortment of hats.

Not the worst of things, most likely my hair will grow back. Sad to say, however, not so for my dear son!


4 thoughts on “Two Bald Heads

  1. Shirley, you’re beautiful! Inside and out … your love for Jesus just shines through your smile, and you look great with or without hair. I do pray it will regrow, but meanwhile, know you’re just lovely.


  2. Your just as beautiful and your radiant smile can light up the darkest night. Lots of love and prayers for you and Bro. Buxton.


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