Radiation Treatments

I was able to report during my follow-up visit with Dr. Chan a few weeks after my last chemo treatment that I was feeling well, very well, in fact. I had regained all my strength. My energy level was high, and my spirits were soaring. Dr. Chan smiled, and I could tell that my words pleased him.


He spoke again of my needing to be on a five-year regimen of hormone blockers, and as he spoke, he typed an order into the computer. On our way out I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up the first of what will be many bottles over such a long time. More on this segment of my treatment later.

Dr. Chan surprised me during this visit by saying he wanted to refer me to a radiation oncologist. Although he explained that his reasoning for this reference was that he wanted me to have access to every possible treatment, I gathered he might be leaning toward thinking I would not need to have radiation. So, on the day that Jerry and I drove to the Ontario Kaiser facility where such treatments are done in this area, I was feeling well and rather carefree, for I did not expect to hear what I did.


His name is Dr. Ro, the radiation oncologist, to whom I was assigned. Kind and generous with his information, he spoke to us at length about this line of cancer treatment, and of my particular case. Should I have such radiation? The decision was mine, of course, but when Jerry pressed Dr. Ro, he offered his opinion that I should. And so I will.

There will be 25 of them, daily five days a week, for five weeks. Last Tuesday I had my first visit in the unit, where multiple pictures and X-rays were taken. My chest area is covered widely with red marks that will be used to guide the technician. On Monday, I go there again for further studies, permanent markings, and a full schedule of my treatments.

I’m not happy about this development, and at one point last week had the thought that I would call and cancel, but I quickly discarded that idea, for my thinking is that I want to do all I can to cure and/or prevent the return of this hateful disease. I’m feeling extremely well, and honestly don’t anticipate another round of weakness and other side effects. (Dr. Ro said the fatigue that comes with radiation treatments is not as severe as that I suffered from chemo.)

Anyway, I am up to it. Have God’s mighty hand holding my feeble one. Can do it. Am strong.. .besides that I’ve been working in my gardens, and they are beautiful. I’m sharing with you. Hope they bless your day.



35 thoughts on “Radiation Treatments

  1. Sis. Buxton just read about your radiation treatments. You have been in my thoughts & prayers. Will continue to uphold you in prayer as you go through radiation. Praying God will continue to give you strength as you take this journey and keep holding his hand. Love you.


  2. I am so glad to hear you are feeling strength but for you to have 5 more weeks of treatments isn’t what any of us who know and love you wanted to hear. May Jesus give you successful treatments, continued strength and peace during this ugly storm in your life. You are so loved! I will continue my daily praying to Jesus for your cancer-free report and your strength!🌹🌹🌹💕💞💚💗💜💙❤️💝❗️


  3. BTW – we are so glad to hear updates of what is taking place- just not happy that this storm in your life isn’t history. 🙏🙏🙏


  4. Aunt Shirley, I know how disappointed you must have been to find out that the marathon was not over. Chemo is a difficult trial and I’m sure in your mind surviving that should have been enough. I admire your spirit and your willingness to trust in God’s love and “handholding”.


  5. Praying for you! I look forward to reading your blogs. I too had the radiation after chemo. Yes you get tired, however, I worked the whole time and dropped by for treatments on my way home from work daily. I thank our God that your strength is returned. Love and appreciate you and your willingness to share you journey with us! 🙏❤️


  6. Hi Sis Buxton. Your look Beautiful! I too had your exact journey,,, I went thru radiation treatments here in San Diego…. They were very easy and not painful at all! I have no regrets… After all I wasn’t dealing with a stubbed toe… I was dealing with Breast Cancer… Love you and your gonna make it!!! Jesus is on the throne!


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