My Tattoos

I have never secretly desired to have any part of my body tattooed, and certainly I have never voiced a hankering for such an intrusion onto this aging body of mine–actually I think the process is a bit on the silly side. Now, though I must tell you, that I have six tattoos! Five are on my chest area. One is on my neck. They are tiny little things, and if you look closely here you will see the black dot on my neck.


Happened this way. Yesterday was my second visit to the Oncology Radiation Department at Kaiser Permanente in Ontario. After I had checked in and waited a very short time to be called, I was introduced to a darling young lady named Zac, who introduced me to two other women who will be involved with my treatments. After I had stripped to my waist and had donned a beautiful hospital gown, I climbed onto the table where overhead were machines that would photograph once again the area that is to be radiated. Both my arms were stretched over my head and I was asked not to move at all. They positioned my body a few times, and the picture taking began. A doctor analyzed and approved the film. The technicians then removed the red temporary markings on my body and began the tattoo job.

“May I choose butterflies or flowers or something like that?” I asked.

“No, afraid not. We only do one style here,” one of the techs replied.

There was little pain involved in the scenario. The worst part was not moving for a half hour or so, and besides I’m of the curious type and wanted to look around and see everything that was going on, but I could not. I did see a few reflections in one of the camera lenses. My face itched and I wanted desperately to scratch it, but I muttered to myself that I shouldn’t be a sissy . . .and I thought of persons who are paralyzed . . .


Zac gave me a printed treatment schedule, along with guidelines to help me through the process. Beginning June 2, I will travel to Ontario (about an hour from our home) 25 times for radiation treatment. July 7th will be the grand finale. A party will be in order . . .and you’re all invited.


16 thoughts on “My Tattoos

  1. I feel for you! My husband had prostrate cancer two years ago and spent months going five times a week for radiation. It gets old, but just try to remember how much good it’s doing. I was born and raised in Upland, right next door to Ontario. I think of you often and have been praying for you.


  2. Ah, yes. Those “cute” little tattoos. Did they make a form that holds your arms/ upper body in place so you will not have to worry about moving while the radiation is going on? Hopefully one encouraging thought is you are not in the machine for any length of time. I’m praying that you will not suffer any side effects with the radiation.


    1. You’re right, Annette, the actual treatments are rather short–10 minutes or so. I don’t believe I will have any more long stints with my arms stretched over my head. Thanks for your love, prayers, and concern.


  3. U are tougher than I was at 40 when I got my tatoos! That was the first time I broke down and cried during my journey! The poor tech sent in someone else to finish the process. Now 20 years later I no longer have the tatoos as they we cut off in my last surgery a bilateral mastectomy. God is good he has brought me this far. He has been faithful! I am praying for you! Love you Sis. Buxton- you are a precious jewel!


    1. No not really. You and Bro . Buxton preached at our church and I’ve attended several ladies retreats where you spoke. Also I have your book on Bro. Buxton’s accident. You folks are easy to love and respect! And we serve the same marvelous God!


  4. Dear Lady – love you and your attitude toward your new situation. You are a model patient for all the medical team working with you. Will be praying with you.


  5. Sis Buxton. . I read your post and I see a lady that loves and lives for our God… you are greatly loved by many aswell. Please know that God is aware of all that happens in our life. I love you and pray for you daily.
    Much love to you and your family.


  6. Dear Sweet Lady! I’m not sure that it’s in order to say I enjoy reading your blogs here, but they are very touching! I can almost see you speaking in this way! I was honored to be your hostess once, for SoCal Ladies Conference! Love you and Praying for you, in San Diego! 💝


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