Radiation 25

The night before, I baked the goodies I would take. Yesterday morning I wrapped them in a festive way. I chose cards and wrote notes on them. One for the exceptional clerk who checked me in almost every day at the Kaiser facility; the other for the sweet crew that manned Linac # 3 where they tended me over a 5 week period, 5 days a week. Linac is the name of the radiation machine. Number 3 is the one to which I was assigned.

From the first day, the calibre of people whom I have encountered during this quite unexpected detour in my life’s road has amazed me. I have been treated not only professionally, but in loving ways, and with utmost care and dignity. Yesterday was no exception. When I gave the little gifts, the staff were so appreciative. We hugged–some of us more than once–and yesterday  I felt as though I was leaving friends when Jerry and I walked from the facility to our car in the parking lot. “I’ll miss you,” a couple of them said to me. “Maybe we’ll see each other in a grocery store or something like that,” Zack said almost shyly to me.

DSC_3775Because it was my last visit, I was scheduled to see my radiation oncologist, Dr. Ro. I was surprised when after he examined me he said I had significant radiation burns under my arm, so that he must prescribe a cream designed for severe burns. I will see him for a follow-up visit in about a month. For a couple of days I had noted a little discomfort, but didn’t think too much about it. Perhaps because my entire chest wall where I had the mastectomy is quite numb is the reason for my feeling very little pain. The danger is infection, Dr. Ro told me, indicating that we must stay “on top of it.”

“Come by here after you’ve seen the doctor,” the receptionist told me when I checked in. “We have something to give you.” When I returned to her desk, she smiled broadly and handed me this certificate. Wished me well, said she would miss me.


Rebecca had wanted to be with her dad and me, but she could not, so it was only loyal and faithful Jerry and me who went to lunch at Lucille’s Barbecue to celebrate my last radiation treatment. With not one complaint, this dear husband of mine has driven me every day to my radiation treatments–80 miles round trip. How blessed, how very blessed I am.

Sweetest daughter, Rebecca, came to our home later in the day, bearing lovely flowers, a balloon, and a precious hand-written card.


So. I’ve jumped another hurdle, and am looking ever upward and forward. God is so dear and precious to me. Has held me close during these challenging months, and blesses me more than I could possibly deserve. I am forever grateful.


31 thoughts on “Radiation 25

  1. Sis Buxton
    You are such an inspiration!
    You are a Graceful
    Women and you have been a role model in my life!
    Thank you


  2. You are such an inspiration to me Sis Buxton! Even in this valley you are baking goodies and wrapping them in your love! Thinking of others- writing to share with others- speaking to all who read encouragement and inspiration, and faith. Thank you! My heart is full of love for you and Bro Buxton-my prayers are with you both, you are part of who I am!


    1. Brother Sharp, not sure why, but your words made me weep as I read them this morning. You are such an exceptional person, one who has seen life at its pinnacle, and has experienced life at much lower points. Yet you smile, and continue your sterling walk with God. So very happy all the Sharp family has at times been closely intertwined with the Buxton family. Thank you for your positive and uplifting words. My love and high respect.


  3. You look so good ….. one beautiful lady. I’m so glad this is the last one. I know Jerry and Family has looked out for you, but I cant’t help going back to my religion I was taught as a young person……I believe God has his hand on you. This I believe.
    Love you my beautiful Sister.


  4. I’m so glad the radiation treatments are behind you. You are continuing to be in my thoughts and prayers. And, you look beautiful! Love you, Sister Buxton!


  5. Congratulations. Aunt. Shirley. You. Have. Been. A. Inspection. In. My. Life. Me. & Mother. Rejoice. With. You. & Uncle. Jerry. & with. Family. For. What. God. Has. Done. For. You. And. The. Miracle. God. Has. Gave. May. God. Continue. Bless. You. With. Good. Health. If. You. Was. Here. With. Us. We. Would. Have. A. Big. Celebration. Just. For. You. Because. You. Deserve it. Love. You. Aunt. Shirley. Cheryl


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