Fingernails, Burns, and Chemo Curl

My chest and the skin under my right arm were more severely burned than I had thought, so that for about two weeks following my final radiation treatment I had a significant amount of pain. Healing has come, although my chest wall is still tender after having a layer of all my skin in that area peel away in ugly grey strips. I’m thanking God that I developed no infection.

A result of the chemotherapy is that I am losing all my fingernails. As the old ones slough off, new nails are growing, beautiful and fresh. No pain at all.

DSC_4226Chemo curl. I’ve always had very straight, fine hair, and when I heard about the chance of curls developing after chemo, I ordered some! Voila! I now have curls, and am loving it. I’ve read fairly extensively about this phenomenon, but no one seems to know why this change often develops after chemo treatments. Usually the change is temporary; I’m hoping mine will be permanent.

I am feeling extremely well, and believe all my strength has returned. My 78th birthday was the 24th of July and my children threw me a delightful party in San Diego at the South Beach Jetty of the Pacific. Three grandchildren came home with Jerry and me, and at the end of their visit of almost a week I felt no more tired than I would have before this little session with cancer. I am extremely grateful, and with all my heart worship Jesus because of His extreme mercy to me.

Again, I want to thank each of you who is following me during this little detour. Your love, prayers, and comments are wonderfully significant to me. I treasure every word you are kind enough to send.


27 thoughts on “Fingernails, Burns, and Chemo Curl

  1. You and your ways with words, again. You make everyone smile with your optimism of the effects of your chemo and radiation. Yes, I agree – you are beautiful inside and out. Excited about your strength!


  2. You just look adorable. I love your beautiful curls. So thankful for your renewed strength and well being. Blessings to you and yours as you go around yet another bend in this journey.


  3. Never a sour note and never without praise for your sweet Jesus! I love you and your infectious, encouraging Spirit through all things!! I wanna be more like you Sis! Don’t blush now…😇


    1. Well, such complimentary words can make me blush, for it really is nothing out of the ordinary to talk about what God does for us. He truly is amazing. Could not make it without Him. Not even close.


  4. You have always had those curls…..they were just hiding…I have had curly hair all my life and now my color of my hair matches yours. Love you and miss you…JR.


  5. Sis Buxton, you are amazing! I praise God for healing you! Our son was also healed of cancer! It was definitely a “rough ride” but, God promised him He would be w/him all the way…and He was! Praise God for His mighty healing power and love! I LOVE to read all your testimonies!


    1. Sister Gissel, is it not wonderful to be able to talk of the goodness of Jesus. None of us choose to walk through dark places, but after we have made it through, it is nothing, if not glorious, to shout out our thankfulness. So glad you shared the testimony of your son. Hope you are here and comment often.


  6. So glad to hear of your progress. Your attitude amazes me. Praise God you are feeling so wonderful after all you’ve been thru. My daughter’s oldest son Brenden shares your birthday. I want to ask you to help me pray for him. He was 14 years old on the 24th. He is autistic and has many challenges. Brenden is a wonderful, sweet boy but is nonverbal and all the other challenges that come with autism. I have been believing for 14 years for his healing and I will continue as long as there is breath in me to believe. You probably don’t remember me but I met you in Arizona at a conference. I was with Nema Kincholoe. Anyway that doesn’t matter we are still sisters in the Lord.


  7. Don’t give up, Sister Jester. Keep praying, keep believing for Brenden.What a challenge this must be for his mom–indeed for the entire family. I’m asking God to honor your faith and your persistence. Give the entire family strength, courage and wisdom. Blessings to all of you. Thank you for being here and for your comment. I anticipate hearing from you again.


  8. Sis. Buxton, I fell in love with you folks years now. Used to go to Br. Rick Keyes in Santa Maria, one year you came and spoke at our ladies meeting. Now we go to Br. Stephen Hill in Kerman, it was a “Jesus ” kind of move!!! I simply love your sensational pictures of God’s handy work, your written words of wisdom are so uplifting to my soul. I used to see you at SM camp meeting and all of our Ladies conferences, I always buy your books and we always looked at each other with such love. I miss that! You look so good and I love your hair, it’s growing so cute. If you saw me you would remember me. I wish you a good day my dear, love you bunches, Sis. Lois Nelsen.


  9. I had a chemo curl episode too! I’m pretty sure, the curl is due to the chemo damaging the root. . . curls are the result of irregular hair shaft. The thick smooth individual hair gets the Asian or American Indian straight thick hair. An irregular shaft is curly hair. . . Mine is still curly!! 10 years later. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    So glad you’re feeling well!! That sometimes takes a while!! Blessings!


  10. Love your curly hair Shirley. So grateful with you that you are feeling so well and enjoying your birthday and family – and above all, expressing your heartfelt gratitude to the God who is walking this journey with you. Hugs!


  11. You are an utmost amazing woman of God! Due to your efforts of posting during this trying time, and through showing your faith in the one true God, you have no IDEA at the amount people you have touched. And I am so blessed to be one of the many. Lord Bless you. You continue in my prayers.


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