Joy Along the Detour

Yesterday sweet Jerry drove me to Kaiser in Ontario for what is proving to be my last visit at the radiation department there. Dr. Ro examined me thoroughly, then declared I am doing well, and unless some unexpected event develops I do not have to return there. Yes! I do have scarring under my arm from the severe burns, but it does not bother me at all.

So life, precious life continues.

My life consists of much more than my cancer detour. A few days ago Jerry received this in the mail.

DSC_4243How blessed of God I am to be allowed to share in the ministry of my dedicated, godly husband. For more than 60 years he has carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite his exceptional accomplishments, including assuming the pastorate of two churches, and establishing another one, things have not  always been easy for him. His mother died when he was four, his dad when he was twelve. He was moved from place to place during the remainder of his childhood, living with older siblings, then living with a couple who had a dairy farm where he earned his keep by rising well before dawn to milk cows. Before he went to school each day, he delivered the milk to various places in the tiny town of Starks, LA. When he was a high school senior he went to live with his brother Bill who encouraged him to go to college after he finished high school. He followed that excellent advice, and four years later he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the education field.

In 1994, he was struck by a drunk driver and was dead in the street. A lady revived him and he was taken to a hospital where he spent five months. He had almost unimaginable injuries including a broken neck, bleeding into his brain stem, broken hip, multiple other breaks, ruptured urinary bladder, bruised heart, kidneys…Doctors gave him little hope of living, then of walking, but if you saw him today you would never suspect he endured such a calamity. (The first book I wrote is an account of this event, entitled A Thousand Pieces. Available several places including Amazon. You may also order the book from me and I’ll ship you one.)

. . .and still he ministers. How blessed we are.

So despite the little cancer detour life continues, glorious life.


17 thoughts on “Joy Along the Detour

  1. What a precious testimony of God’s grace, Shirley, both that your life is so much more than your cancer journey; and of your husband’s walk with God through some heavy trials. Thank you for sharing your heart. God bless you both.


  2. God is so good! I am UPCI too, and so glad to have ran into you here. Now I know where your strength comes from. 🙂 Love to you both, Bro and Sister Buxton.


  3. What a beautiful testimony! I have followed through your detour and I apologize for not commenting more. You have been in my prayers. I love seeing your pictures and posts. You are an awesome lady. I rejoice with you…. Esp on that curly hair. 😍


  4. Dear Sister…I’m so glad to hear that you are getting a good report from your Doctor and no scheduled returns. This is fantastic news. You will beat this terrible disease. Congratulations and admiration to Jerry receiving this most honorable plaque for his service and dedication to UPC. Its impossible to know how many lives he has touched thru his never ending dedication to his service for his Church and most importantly people in general. He is truly a fantastic man, and I have the up-most respect for him. After all he married the best Lady, my Sister. You never mention all the work you have accomplished and never mention all the work you have done raising your fantastic children. You too had it not so easy as a child. Not taking anything away from Jerry, just thinking back on our time as children. Both of you are truly the best. This I know.
    This was supposed to be a short congratulations for your exam, so I will say good by and love always,


    1. Somehow I am days late in seeing all these comments. Thank you, dear brother for these sweet, uplifting remarks. Your compliments mean a lot both to Jerry and to me. We return the love and admiration. Blessings on you and Sandy.


  5. How great is our God, thank you JESUS. We just got a message from bro Mallory last Sunday, joy, joy, joy, joy…. come what may thankfulness and keeping that joy. So glad for you. So encouraging.. you are an inspiration. God bless both of you.


  6. Shirley. How. Was it so. Hard for.. Jerry. When. He. Was. A. Child when. His. Daddy Raised.Him with Sister Mildred. And.His. Sister. Iris When. Our. Father. Died. I. move. In.My. Daddy. House. To. Take. Care. Of.My.Brother.Jerry.& my. 2. Sister. Left. At. Houase. His. Sister. Iris. Help. Take Care. Of. Him. With. His. Brother. .Theodor when..he. Got. Out. Of.High. School. That. When…Jerry .when. To. Live. With his. Brother Billy.. Love. You..Mildred


  7. God’s love & miracles are truly alive . Thank you for sharing your husband’s story, you both are a light & inspiration for others. God indeed is a God of blessing & abundance. God bless you always & your family.


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